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Latest Skull and Bones Devblog Covers All Things Provisioning, Crew Morale, Cooking, and Scouting

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With Skull and Bones, Ubisoft’s recent unveiling of both more on the game and a November release date, has been followed by a series of devblogs that will help you prepare for your life as a pirate. While a previous blog detailed the variety of ships and loadout options, the latest one covers provisioning and combat preparation.

You’ve chosen your ship, its size, speed, function, and loadout options. Time to learn how to prepare for any combat you might face, as well as how to maintain crew morale, what repair options are, and how to keep stocked on ammo.

When it comes to provisioning, you will have to keep in mind pirate dens and outposts because these both offer opportunities to stock up on ammo, food, to repair your ship, and even to let your crew lift their spirits a little bit.

Ammo is simplest, as long as you find the right kind. You can buy it or find it in wrecks, in the sea, at outposts, or elsewhere.

Repair kits will be important because your ship will inevitably take damage. You can use a repair kit when you are not docked, so it's good in a pinch. But if you are at an outpost or even have the opportunity to get some furniture that will auto repair your ship over time out of combat, these options exist for the right price.

You will also need to get food and to learn recipes that you can craft by cooking on campfires using ingredients you collect. Your crew will need to eat in order to maintain their morale, and if you let them go hungry, you may see a mutiny. Crew morale will deplete when you're out of combat, so you'll have to keep cooking.

You will also want to Galvanize your crew if you need an extra boost. You can use pirate bonfires in outposts and get your crew ready. In order to hunt, you will take advantage of scouting  in order to see what's out there and to assess your loadout as well as your enemy. If your crew is in high spirits and your ship is ready both for combat and for any repairs necessary, you should be good to give it a go.

Read the full devblog over at Skull and Bones.


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