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Latest Ship of Heroes Video Peeks at Leveling & Training

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Ship of Heroes team has released a new video called Leveling & Training that takes a peek at the progression system throughout the game. The video begins with a level one character and reveals "what happens to her powers and stats" as she progresses through two levels. 

In addition, developers point out that a number of quality of life features are present in the video "including dynamic changes in color coding of the names of enemies to reflect their power level" and an upgrade to the FX system. In addition, viewers will see reactions to attacks from range and the overall improved and matured animations.

For those curious about the core game mechanics, the devs show a near-fatal combat scene with a level one Devastator, a ranged damage archetype. The hero is only rescued from death by leveling up, which heals her to full power, allowing her to win a fight against three higher-level enemies. But after leveling to the same level as the enemies, and using buffs, infusions, and augments on her powers, she is more than a match for three Prometheans.

Leveling in Ship of Heroes offers a lot of options for customization. There are many powers to choose from, and even two heroes with the same powers will play very differently depending on which powers they assign limited augmentation slots to, and which augments they equip in those slots.

Learn more on the Ship of Heroes site.


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