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Latest Sea of Thieves Patch Brings Accessibility Features, Game Hits Steam Today

Plus fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Release notes for the most recent Sea of Thieves patch point to a bunch of fixed issues, along with some improvements and accessibility features.

The patch introduce a Text Chat Scale option which does exactly as it sounds – allowing you to adjust the font size from 1.0 down to 0.5. Note, this can be done in the Accessibility Settings. 1.0 is the new default with 0.5 being the old font size.

Additionally, the game can now narrate pop-up notifications with the new “Let Game Read to Me” feature. Enabling this accessibility setting will have the game read out these notifications for selling treasure, and when new players join your crew or receive an invite.

The patch notes also address several fixed issues for combat, Tall Tales, and performance, including:


  • Galleons approached from a distance will no longer appear to have a grey textured hull.
  • Missing text strings in the main menu have now been replaced with correct localisation in non-English languages.
  • Using a Speaking Trumpet when Speech-to-Text is enabled will now ensure that speech converted to text is also shown over a greater distance.


  • Improvements to hit registration when shooting at players while they are walking, running and jumping.

Tall Tales

  • ‘The Seabound Soul’ – Completing the Tale will now correctly unlock The Seabound Soul Commendation and award the Sword of Souls weapon.

Performance and Stability

  • Improvements to our services have been made to ensure players are routed to appropriate geographical servers with optimal connection.

Additionally, Sea of Thieves hits Steam today. You can grab the game for $40 at the time of this writing if you've been waiting to play it on a non-Microsoft Store platform.


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