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Latest Newsletter Introduces Key Staff + a Community Contest

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The latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter has been published on the official site. In this month's edition, three key staff members are profiled (sounds ominous!) including Project Manager Lynn Ashworth, Customer Service / VIP Planner Sierra Rush and Benjamin Dean, Director of Communications. In addition, a new contest has been announced as well as revealing several amazing looking promos from the recently held San Diego Comic-Con.

The contest will allow players to come up with pithy captions for patch notes:

One of the more popular features of our recent newsletters has been our inclusion of various patch notes, and while the information they contained was interesting to most readers, it was the sometimes clever, punny or outright terrible attempts of our editors to include an attempt at a humorous caption that piqued interest.

Here are some highlights:

Stern words and sharp looks will still hurt their feelings.

- Kumu (Pantheon Forums)

Player pets have now been removed from commercials featuring Sarah McLachlan.

- Kaberu (Reddit)

Rolled up newspapers, however, are still functional.

- Alexis (Facebook)

Read it all, and much more, by visiting the links above.


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