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Latest Neverwinter: Undermountain Blog Shows Off the Lair of the Mad Mage

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The latest Neverwinter: Undermountain developer diary has been posted on the official site, this time laying out the background and mechanics that players will find in the Lair of the Mad Mage. Players will face off against two of Halaster's apprentices, Arcturia and Trobriand.

The portals luring people across Faerûn into Undermountain have been closed, and Trobriand’s evil plan to transform all beings of flesh into mindless metal constructs has been thwarted. After suffering setback after setback, Arcturia and Trobriand have retreated to the perceived safety of Halaster’s dungeon, where they continue to plot and scheme.

Inevitably, these two dangerous beings will one day return to terrorize the people of Faerûn, which cannot be allowed. Can you brave this dungeon of madness and defeat Halaster’s apprentices?

The post is filled with spoilers, so reader beware before heading off to the Neverwinter site to check it out.


Suzie Ford

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