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Latest Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Brings Tons of Fixes and Changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch notes for Mortal Online 2’s beta build have been published. Featuring extensive notes for various additions, changes, and fixes, here’s what you can expect if you’re currently playing the beta.

Additions vary from updating Meduli, Fabernum, attacks sounds of various creatures, adding more tooltips to character creation, pet bags, butchering and skinning animations, animations for warcries, defense flagging, mount and dismount sequences, and much more.

The changes are somehow even more extensive and include:

  • You can now rotate your character during character select and character creation.
  • Updated localization with the latest community localization.
  • All characters now have 10 more kg of free weight.
  • AI can now show mercy and not kill you if you end up in mercy mode.
  • Pressing use now cancel all countdown timers.
  • Book tooltips now show you if they are too easy to read.
  • Book descriptions now explain if you can read the book and if you can't it explains what skill you are missing before you can read it.
  • You now need to move to gain riding skill while riding.
  • Falling off a mount now gains riding experience.
  • Improved sending animations when AI is fighting AI.

Not to be outdone, the fixes outnumber the changes. Some fixes include:

  • Clade gifts should now get greyed out when loading action bars if you are not playing the required race.
  • Clade gifts should now get disabled or enabled after a slight delay after updating clade gifts.
  • Damage numbers should now display more accurate.
  • Damage should now be modified by clade gifts when getting hit by melee, arrows, magic & heals.
  • Adamant clade gift gave double effect when it was activated.
  • Human group clade gift should now give more accurate numbers.

You can check out the full patch notes here. The Mortal Online 2 team have been diligently patching and updating their game up to and following their stress test from March 25. If you’re currently playing Mortal Online 2, what are your thoughts on the experience so far? How do you like the changes and improvements to the beta build? Sound off with your thoughts below.


Poorna Shankar