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Latest Mavericks Update Promises to Showcase How Different Its Take on Battle Royale Is

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Mavericks site has been updated with a new post from the dev team informing the tester community and fans about what they can expect for the next couple of months. Most notably, the devs reveal that January is the final month for technical testing and that the "Core Update" patch will be deployed and that it will showcase "why the game is so different in contrast to other conventional Battle Royales".

We'll be revealing and introducing the essentials of the Mavericks social space, linking our open world and battle royale gameplay. We know the game hasn't so far offered much of the fun gameplay we're all waiting for and the feedback from the community has been immensely helpful in getting the nuts and bolts of Mavericks ready. Building the game in this new method has been challenging and difficult, but will enable huge opportunities that previously have not been achieved by other studios.

Check out the full update on the Mavericks site.


Suzie Ford

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