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Latest LotRO Beacon Breaks Down Current Store Sales, Yuletide Festival Starts December 12

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In the latest LotRO Beacon, issue #140, the Lord of the Rings Online developer detailed some of the sales happening on the in-game store, as well as highlighting the community events coming up. The Beacon, which is available on the LotRO website, also details the start times of the yearly upcoming Yuletide Festival event.

First and foremost, the December deals are here for anyone looking to take advantage of their LotRO Points on the store this month. Deals include:

  • 35% off Enhanced Reputation Supply
  • 50% off High elf
  • 75% off Where Dragons Dwell and Legacy of the Necromancer
  • Now through December 12th!
  • Store, Carry, and Share! Get 25% off:
    • Vault Storage and Shared Storage
    • Inventory Slots
    • Currency Cap
    • Now through December 12th!

Additionally, for those looking to get in the Holiday spirit, the yearly Yuletide Festival is almost upon us. Running December 11 through January 6th. Last year's Yule Festival invited players to participate in long-running quests, such as an invitation to  celebrate in Winter-home, as well as take part in the traditional Yule dance-offs. Players will complete activities to earn Yule Tokens which can be spent on special cosmetics during the festival. 


We're currently in the last stages of our Minas Morgul expansion review and should have our final thoughts next week. In the meantime, you can check out our latest review in progress today.


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