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Latest Lord of the Rings Online Patch Brings New Holiday Instances & Beorning Changes

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Lord of the Rings Online will be getting a big update today that brings a pair of Yuletide Festival instances into the game and a number of big changes to both the Beorning and Burglar classes among other, smaller, tweaks to others. 

The two new seasonal instances are Battle at Frostbluff and Boss from the Vaults: Storvagun. 

In Battle at Frostbluff, players will help the children of Winter-home save their snow forts from a monstrous mountain cold! This instance is available for Solo Players, Duos, Small Fellowships, and Fellowships. In Boss from the Vaults: Storvâgûn, players will again face the traitorous giant-lord atop the snowy cliffs of Helegrod! This instance is available for Fellowships and includes 2 tiers of difficulty. In addition to cosmetics and other rewards, these seasonal instances can provide Figments of Splendour. You can barter for unique cosmetic rewards from Verbena Greenhand in Frostbluff.

The Beorning class brings a laundry list of changes to the class, with nearly every ability tweaked in one way or another. "Beorning skills have been normalized to standardized progressions" and all forms are now treated as stances, to name two.

You can get a good look at the full update notes on the Lord of the Rings Online forum.

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