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Latest Hearthstone Patch Brings Battlegrounds Balance Updates

Adjustments to heroes and minions

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The most recent Hearthstone patch has brought with it several balance updates to Battlegrounds.

Specifically, the cost for several heroes is being adjusted for certain abilities. Affected heroes include Lord Jaraxxus, Reno Jackson, Millificient Manastorm, and Maiev Shadowsong. For example, Millificient Manastorm’s Tinker received the following adjustment:

  • Old: [Passive] Mechs in Bob's Tavern have +2 Attack. → New: [Passive] Mechs in Bob's Tavern have +1/+1.

Minions are also affected, including Scavenging Hyena, Rabid Saurolist, and Monstrous Macaw. Fixes are also introduced in this patch, including:

  • Fixed two separate issues that caused the Hero Powers for Lady Vashj and Maiev Shadowsong to trigger unintended effects in the shop phase.
  • Fixed an issue where the Deathrattle for Sneed's Old Shredder was not summoning newly added Legendary minions.

Twin Slice and Second Slice were also updated, with their costs increasing by one each. Finally, the Trial by Felfire Story Adventure is currently live. This follows Aranna Starseeker, who is the younger sister of Elise Starseeker. If you complete Trial by Felfire, you’ll receive the Rusted Legion Card Back. Check out the full update notes here.


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