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Latest Guild Wars 2 Update Adds Requested Toggle for Visual Effects and Fixes WvW Ahead of New Beta

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest update for Guild Wars 2 has added a requested feature for toggling off visual effects of Legendary trinkets, made some fixes to World vs. World, and introduced some overall polish for the rest of the game.

For a while, visual effects when you equipped legendary trinkets Transcendence, Vision, and Aurora were unable to be changed. This week's update introduces a toggle for these trinkets. It comes with an update from the team as to how they got here. Since most of the team is hard at work on the End of Dragons expansion that’s arriving in February, they realized that it would have taken a lot of time but someone on the engineering team was able to find a new approach that didn’t require as much time or effort. So the toggle is now live.

Fixes to World vs. World include patching exploits that allowed you to place siege weapons in spawn locations. A pip bonus for new players rank 1 to 149 has been added and the number of pips for match placement has also gone up. 

In the world, events during Dragonstorm will now not award participation to inactive players. Dragonstorm also has an increase in the minimum participation required to receive the end rewards. Take part and enjoy your rewards. No more slackers. Health scaling for non-champion enemies for a player above one in Dragon Response missions has been reduced. And changes to Forging Steel are intended to make things a little bit easier.

Overall, the changes are mostly practical. With the planned overhaul to World vs. World coming, and a new beta test scheduled for next week, making some tweaks to make things run better now while planning for the future seems like a good move. 

For the full update notes see this post on the Guild Wars 2 site.


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