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Latest Grim Misadventure Previews The Guardians of Korvan

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The latest Grim Dawn Misadventure has been published on the game's forum. Readers will be treated to a preview of one type of creature they will encounter when The Forgotten Gods launches later in 2018. Called The Guardians of Korvan, these are animated keepers "that were forged to resemble the celestial figures" that were prevalent in the area aeons ago. As players roam through the ancient ruins of Korvan, they will need to find ways around them.

Do not mistake their still features and stone joints as a sign of weakness. These guardians are powered by unnatural eldritch forces that give them a form of life. If they, or their wards are threatened, expect to be met with a few tons of resistance. Some of the temples in the region remain untouched after centuries due to the mighty protectors that still stand at their gates.

You can also check out a couple of music compositions that were recently featured in livestreams by the Crate team.

Read the full post on the Grim Dawn forum.


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