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Latest Genshin Impact Dev Discussion Talks Changes to Resin, QoL Fixes and More in the Next Update!

Let's All Chant - More Resin!

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest Genshin Impact developer discussion posted by miHoYo, the team addresses hot topics like Resin generation, quality of life fixes, and whether abilities and reactions will change in Update 1.3.

The discussion provides a lot of details into certain abilities and how they work, but probably the most notable piece of information generated from the article revolves around the changes to Resin. Events that are not specifically Ley Line or Domain related will no longer consume Original Resin and Fragile Resin will now be provided through the Battle Pass:

1) All events in Version 1.3 that do not require challenging Ley Line Outcrops or Domains will not consume Original Resin. The vast majority of large-scale events in future versions will also not consume Original Resin.

2) Our BPs will be adjusted from Version 1.3 onward to have additional Fragile Resin rewards:

Sojourner's Battle Pass and Gnostic Hymn will obtain Fragile Resin ×1 per 10 levels, starting from Level 5, replacing the Mystic Enhancement Ores that was originally there. This will not change the total amount of Mystic Enhancement Ore gained through the BP. These Mystic Enhancement Ores will instead be distributed amongst other levels.

-miHoYo Development Team

Other quality of life fixes will be in place, which includes that addition of controller use on iOS devices, preinstallation of resources on mobile devices, and an awesome and much requested quality of life feature that allows you to simply hold down a single button to add enhancement materials, rather than tapping or clicking them one by one.

Genshin Impact has released their second banner of their 1.2 update, and update 1.3 is planned for February. If you’re just getting into Genshin Impact now, check out our recent article on 5 four-star characters that will help you get started.


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