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Latest Elder Scrolls Online PTS Patch Brings Fixes and Tweaks for Companion and Rockgrove Trial

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Elder Scrolls Online team over at Zenimax Online Studios have published the latest patch notes for PTR which provides several fixes for Companions and the Rockgrove Trial. Read on for details.

Companions are the newest system arriving in ESO’s Blackwood chapter later this June. However, if you can’t wait till then to check it out, you can download the PTS as Blackwood was made available on the test environment recently.

Given that this is test environment, expect some bugs and quirks which will hopefully be ironed out before the official June launch. To that end, it looks like some of you have found some bugs, prompting this patch.

The team writes that they will be testing several features with Companions:

  • Only showing your Companion or the Companions of group mates when in high population areas (i.e., cities)
  • De-spawning all Companions in Cities
  • De-swawning Companions during extreme high population encounters (i.e., Harrowstorms or Dragons)

Rockgrove Trial, meanwhile, saw an extensive list of tweaks from more general adjustements, to those touching on various enemies and more.

Some of these fixes include:

  • Hard Mode difficulty is now unlocked for all bosses in Veteran Rockgrove.
  • The achievements Rockgrove Sprinter, Will of Stone and Soul Savior no longer require you to defeat Basks-In-Snakes or the injured Sul-Xan militants. Achievement descriptions are updated to reflect this.
  • Stranglers created by Sul-Xan Reavers will no longer persist after the Reaver has been defeated.
  • Sul-Xan Bloodseekers will no longer defy gravity momentarily when using their Fire Jump ability.
  • Updated the casting visuals for Soul Extraction and the telegraph has been updated on player targets.
  • Updated the target selection for Soul Extraction.
  • Soul Extraction now deals less damage in normal mode and the damage can be blocked. However, player characters that are indirectly impacted by the area effect take increased damage.
  • Astral Shield no longer stacks.
  • Soul Remnant projectiles now fire from the monster that just had its Astral Shield expire, and the damage is now sourced from that same monster.
  • Soul Remnant now deals slightly less damage in Normal mode.

You can check out the full PTS patch notes here.


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