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Latest Dev Blog Details Changes to Skills & Dealing Damage

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Tree of Savior team has another detailed blog post about upcoming changes to the Combat System in a future update. In this third article in a series, the way that skills work to deal damage is profiled. The article is packed with charts to show before and after metrics along with more specific examples from any one of a number of abilities and classes.

Topics cover:

  • how attack factor of skills affects damage
  • how attack factor changes from skill to skill
  • how attack factor is applied in multi-hit skills
  • what about skills with no cooldown

We decided to reduce the general degree of damage magnification obtained from combining skills. In the current version of the game, it’s not uncommon to achieve 2 or 3 times the attack of a skill; with the changes applied, however, you’ll be getting a smaller % of increase that rarely exceeds 2 times. The same will happen in cases where the skill combination can be maintained for longer durations.

You can read the full post on the Tree of Savior site.


Suzie Ford

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