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Latest Crowfall Test Patch Finally Lets You Interact with the Pedestal During Gods Reach New Player Experience

Plus campaign and UI fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Crowfall test patch for The Calling update introduces several fixes, including a fix for a pesky bug involving a pedestal.

You’ll now be able to interact with the pedestal while you’re taking part in the Gods Reach New Player Experience. Additionally, the patch re-fixed (yup) an issue related to stronghold building and wall flash feedback. This feedback would occur before actually taking any damage. additionally, any newly created mount figurines are no longer able to be sold or sacrified.

Crafting and harvesting fixes were provided as well including fixing an issue where additional doobers were created if there were multiple items of different types. Additionally, the patch fixed an issue where Intermediate Armor could not be crafted (leather sheets should now work properly).

UI fixes include:

  • Fixed an issue where outpost UI would not update by proximity correctly.
  • Building plot UI will now turn off during siege windows.
  • Added cooldown feedback to the Alliance UI.

You can catch the full patch notes here.


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