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Latest Atlas Update Brings New Ship, Fixes, Map

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest update for Atlas has sailed into view bringing a new region, new ship, and more. Read on for more details.

You can look forward to a new home region map in this latest 526.08 patch. The new ship on offer is the Mortarship which is said to be similar in size to the schooner. You’ll find two new mortar types which are intended to deal great damage at a distance. Resource costs are 22000 Gold, 200 Gunpowder.

An advanced shipyard was also added which can be found in the Smithy after you learn the Expert Shipwright skill. New blueprints have also been added wherein all swappable railing and midship titles will now include findable blueprint variations. Additionally, the farm will have its own findable blueprint variations.

Tons of bug fixes were also introduced including:

  • Shiphouses and Shipyards are no longer placeable in the open ocean
  • Song of the Sea food recipe will no longer crash the game when selected
  • Sextant Compass will no longer disappear when changing grid locations
  • Fixed instances of stacking buffs from Buff Towers
  • Players can now only place one Sea Fort Buff Tower per Sea Fort regardless of type
  • Fixed placement of multiple resource generating structures in the same location
  • When interacting with certain parts of a ship players will no longer crash
  • Consuming certain foods now gives proper hunger values
  • Allowed Spearbolt ammo to be stored in Munitions Storage
  • UI Fixes to the Player Shop
  • Adjusted radiuses of Discovery zones
  • Fixed weight not being registered when items are dropped on saddles
  • Fixed instances in the usage of crude tool would cause players to crash
  • Fixed instances of large stone walls being placeable on tables
  • Fixed instances of large stone foundations snapping incorrectly

Check out the full patch notes here. In caes you missed it, the Atlas team recently provided a glimpse into what’s next for the seafaring survival game. And check out their latest information on structure limits.


Poorna Shankar