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Latest Atlas Q&A Talks Structure Limits and More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The most recent Q&A for glorious pirate-survival-sailing-thing game, Atlas, has landed providing some insight into things like structure limits and more. Read on for details.

One of the most common questions appears to be regarding structure limits per island, which would in theory reduce lag with spam. The Atlas team noted that they’re currently tackling this problem from a few different angles:

  • Some memory management improvements are in testing that will allow clients to load and unload structures faster.
  • Some new structure types that are larger are in the works so players don't have to build massive structures out of many small pieces.
  • We are working through some ideas with claiming to help undercut the motivations for placing lots of small structures for meta reasons such as making landing tames hard or preventing others from building nearby.

No ETA was provided for those yet, but keep an eye out as this issue seems to be one which won’t go under the radar. Elsewhere, the Q&A touched number of armored docks, inbound flag claim and island changes, plans to add upgradeable endgame gear, a hull larger than the brig with four sails, and more.

Yet another question asked if the upcoming wipe will affect the unofficial server, to which the team replied,

“There are new features that unofficial servers may want to take advantage of. Our goal is to not require unofficials to wipe to support our changes, when possible. Early Access means that some changes in the future may be so transformative that this is unavoidable.”

Check out the full post here. In other Atlas news, the recent Tradewinds Update finally went live after experiencing a slight delay. Soon after that update, the Atlas Map Export feature was made available for the Server Grid Editor.


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