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Latest Ashes of Creation Blog Introduces the Hippogryph & Its Lore

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The latest Ashes of Creation developer blog has appeared, this time to introduce readers to the hippogryph. The post delves into the backstory and origins of the creature and provides a look at its ingame models and the various types that can be found throughout the gameworld.

Since ancient times, the hippogryph has been a symbol of noble and majestic strength for numerous cultures. They are cunning and fiercely independent creatures. A rarity it is, for one to have the opportunity to get close enough without being torn apart by their piercing beaks and talons. However, those fortunate enough to form a bond with a hippogryph will find them to be loyal beings, almost to a fault. It is a sight to see a hippogryph and its rider leading the vanguard of a prestigious army. Such is the inspiration they bring.

Check it out on the Ashes of Creation site.


Suzie Ford

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