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Latest ArcheAge Letter Reveals Details About Recent Fixes to Exploits & Other Issues

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The ArcheAge team has posted a new letter that reveals a number of recent issues and exploits that have been patched or dealt with over the last several weeks. Included in this list was a player reaching the "top of the equipment rankings on Kadum" through an exploit. The player and any others involved have been dealt with "aggressively" and the player has been removed from the rankings. 

Other matters handled "behind the scenes" include:

  • an issue with large quantities of Apex being traded via fraudulent Steam Wallet purchases has been handled by disabling that particular means of payment and fraudulent accounts have been banned
  • Erenor infusions from lower grades used on high-grade Erenor items was unintentional from XL Games and it has been patched out. Gamigo and XLG will be working on ways to close the gap between those who benefitted and all others
  • Unicorn mounts have had speed normalization removed and devs are working to do the same for all other normalized mounts

Read the full details on the ArcheAge site.


Suzie Ford

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