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Latest Anthem Update Allows Legendary Mission Replays, Elysian Caches & More

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As part of BioWare's commitment to "continually update and add to the shared-world action shooter" in Anthem, a new patch has been deployed that brings a number of much-requested action items into the game. This includes the ability for players to re-experience Legendary Missions on a much higher difficulty level and the addition of new Elysian Caches that will show up at the end of Strongholds. 

  • Legendary Missions allow players to replay critical path missions again with a much higher difficulty level to offer a new challenge.

  • Elysian Caches are new caches which appear at the end of Strongholds and create loot for each member of an Expedition from 67 unique vanity unlocks. Players will never get a duplicate vanity item and can earn Elysian Keys by completing daily challenges.

  • Loot Changes include a chance for chests and Apex creatures to drop additional items. On GM1 difficulty and higher Stronghold bosses will now drop more loot with a chance at additional Masterwork and Legendary items

  • The Forge can now be accessed via the menu while players are in Ft. Tarsis or the Launch Bay and there is no longer a loading screen when entering the Forge.

Read more on the Anthem site.


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