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Latest Albion Online Patch Brings Improvements to Mobile Experience and More

Plus a host of Season 9 changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been interested in the mobile version of Albion Online, good news. The latest patch is meant to improve the experience for you.

The latest patch, Patch 11, brings with it virtual joystick controls and an updated HUD for mobile. It also implements new scaling in menus, a zoom interface, in addition to improvements to gestures like long press and scrolling.

For example, here are the changes specific to the virtual joystick implementation as part of the latest patch:

  • A virtual joystick for movement that snaps to the initial press position
  • Auto-targeting of attacks and spells:
    • A single press targets the closest enemy, favoring current look direction
    • A long press tries to target self if possible
  • Manual drag-targeting of ground-target spells and skillshots by dragging their respective buttons. Features:
    • Cast on release
    • Cancel by releasing on area marked with (X)
  • Context-based interactions with the world around you for talking, entering, gathering, fishing, and collecting

The patch also touches on personal bank space in Outlands which can be unlocked at several locations now. Additionally, changes to Season 9 include Territory Season Point and Siphoned Energy Storage, Crystal League Adjustments, Alliance Penalty Adjustments, and Increased Rank Point Thresholds.

The patch also touches on increased Fame, Silver, and respawn for high-level enemies, improvements to world map and minimap, and several improvements for UI and audio.

You can read the full extensive patch notes here.


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