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Last Stand Game Mode Detailed, v1.6 Lands on PTS

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Division will be receiving another DLC with the release of patch 1.6 and Last Stand in the near future. Last stand challenges to players to control a trio of tactical areas on one of the four Dark Zone maps. Within each control point are three objectives that have to be completed in order to get control. Once a location is secured, points are awarded until one team reaches the maximum score to win. 

The new Lost Signal incursion will also be included that takes place in a TV broadcast center that the Rikers gang has taken over. There will be three encounters that will be more easily defeated with teams working cooperatively and in a coordinated way.

Update 1.6 also includes:

  • expansion of the Dark Zone with three new locations
  • Dark Zone leader boards
  • Dark Zone contamination events
  • "legendary" difficulty
  • additional character customization
  • combat improvements
  • bug fixes & skill balances

Read more on The Division site.


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