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Last Stand & Update 1.6 Confirmed for February 28th

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Ubisoft confirmed that The Division will be updated on Tuesday, February 28th with Update 1.6 and the Last Stand DLC. The confirmation came by way of The Division Podcast from late last week.

Last Stand is the third major DLC and it will bring players back to the Dark Zone in a wholly separate game mode. Last stand is considered "session-based" and there are clear objectives presented to participants that must be accomplished in order to win.  But finishing objectives isn't all that Last Stand is About. There will be other players present who are also bent on finishing the same objectives. Add in a generous sprinkling of PvE elements and landmarks and it's a sure fire new way to experience The Division.

Just like in the regular Dark Zone, there’s more to it than just player versus player combat – the regular NPC enemies are still roaming the streets and the usual Landmarks are all there. These NPCs are also guarding the control points, with the central control point always guarded by elites that you will have to deal with somehow before you’re able to gain a foothold there.

Killing NPC enemies will reward your team with SHD tech, a team resource that you can use to unlock tactical boosts and fortifications that were left behind by the JTF and the first wave Division agents. In your “home” base – the tactical location you spawn the closest to when the match starts - you can activate automatic turrets to help you defend it, or a large Pulse that will alert you when enemies get too close.

There will also be a trial version added in tomorrow's update as well as Dark Zone leaderboards, new containment events, "Legendary" difficulty, a new gear set, gear set changes, armor and resistances updates, and much more.

Learn more about Last Stand on The Division site.


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