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Last Oasis Should Be Playable Again Following Stress Tests Over the Weekend

Content Patch this week

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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After a few stress tests this past weekend, Last Oasis appears to be back.

If you recall, the game suffered some serious connection issues shortly after its Early Access launch. This past weekend saw some stress testing which took place on Saturday. The team acknowledged their rocky launch,

“A lot of things went wrong at launch, and while we could've tackled them one by one, they all happened at the same time. We felt prepared for the launch and wouldn't have released yet otherwise. We ran a beta for over a year and we've been continuously fixing all the issues we've come across. On top of that, we did many large-scale load tests throughout the last year, which showed no problems in any of our systems.”

Later that day, the team issued an update,

“We're working on a content patch, which should be ready next week, and we'll be adding an ability to change your character's name and appearance soon. We will also be reworking the character deletion feature, but it will be coming later, as we'd like to make it a stable as possible. Unfortunately, it was one of the major reasons for the backend issues in the past.”

And right now, Last Oasis appears to be back online. Look for a content patch sometime this week.



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