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Last Oasis Receives the Hercul Walker

Plus the Ancient City map

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Last Oasis is set to receive a new Ancient City map and the Hercul Walker this week.

The walker itself looks pretty epic, as you can see in the video below. The Ancient City map is set to introduce a bunch of new loot sites, Rupu camps, in addition to merchants. The team is also introducing a few BB changes this week.

Bases will now decay over time as well if they’re not maintained. This means if you have a base you want to actually use, you’ll need a Maintenance Chest and resources to for upkeep. However, bases won’t decay until early next week, so you do have some time.

The patch brough a bunch of fixes and optimizations including:

  • Improved performance in a bunch of places.
  • Fixed broken rupu camp allowing abusing rupu gel harvesting.
  • Fixed buying too many items from merchants.
  • Fixed Vitamin merchant sometimes not buying.
  • Fixed large lootsite chest not requiring hullbreakers.
  • Fixed Redwood trees not giving more wood with high tier tools.
  • Fixed some missing tooltip texts.


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