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Last Oasis Patch Brings Fixes, Balance, Improvements

Tons of changes...

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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There’s a new patch for Last Oasis and brings a bunch of fixes, improvements, and explosions.

The team first notes that they’re in the process of switching the VOIP service. They hope that this switch will remedy the current issues with VOIP while preventing any future issues. The patch notes are pretty lengthy and touch on several tweaks to gameplay, trading stations, quests, balance, structures, bases, walkers, travel, Oases, points of interest, mobs, visuals, sounds, interface, and text.’

The patch also brings about a bunch of fixes and improvements including:

  • Fixed players becoming invisible in manned weapons in some specific situations.
  • Fixed several explosion related crashes.
  • Improved backend handling when an oasis is full, to avoid kicking if Players time out or take too long to connect.
  • Fixed Players sometimes getting stuck in block action when throwing Fire Bombs.
  • Fixed a projectile related crash.
  • Fix an issue which caused low level Players (protected) to lose gear when respawning with random equipment from Walker gear slots. Should no longer occur.


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