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Last Oasis Patch Brings Fixes and QoL Improvements

Look for the patch today

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Sit tight, as Last Oasis is set to receive a new patch today bringing fixes and quality of life improvements.

The patch was actually delayed as the team outlined on Twitter with a release expected sometime today,

“We want to make sure that the patch is stable before we release it. Due to backend issues the last few days that kept us from testing, we’ll be delaying the patch to Monday.”

Some patch highlights include

  • Tracking enemy poaching huts
  • No building around proxy to prevent griefing
  • Grappling hook fixes
  • Rebalance for Kopesh and Baskwood
  • Aiming lines fixes for exosuits and remote ballista
  • Fixes for flags exploit
  • Fixed loot going through walls
  • Fixed invisible players
  • Crash fixes
  • Added a new equipment selection interface
    • Used when respawning on walkers
  • If walker bubble disappears against player’s will, walker and screw get sent to map lobby
  • Weight issues on walkers fixed (modules)
  • Visual and sound improvements
  • Fixed invisible players
  • Fixed many crashes


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