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Last Oasis Out on Xbox Today with PC Cross-Play, Season 3 Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Walker-themed survival game, Last Oasis, is now available on Xbox Games Store through Xbox Games Preview, along with backwards compatibility and cross-platform play with Steam.

Last Oasis is priced at $29.99 through this preview program available on Xbox One consoles, including Series X|S through backwards compatibility. Features on the Xbox version of Last Oasis include cross-play, but it should be noted you can choose to play with Xbox players only.

The game now also include a new UI to account for controller use. This means gamepad support has naturally been added, but can also be used on PC. Because Season 3 is also live, it arrives with a new Realms system. This means smaller realms with faster pacing. And, crucially, you can have multiple characters.

Speaking of Season 3, Sky Walkers have been introduced allowing you to take to the skies. There’s also a new map called Kali Spires with a new city only reachable through these new walkers. There’s also a giant worm, in addition to asteroids.

Project Lead Florian Hoffreither said in a press release,

“With the Xbox launch and the start of the season 3, instead of a single realm accommodating all players from every region, the world will be split into a multitude of realms, each with its own region, size, and a clan cap. Now, everyone has a choice of how they want to play and, more importantly, with whom.”


Poorna Shankar