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Last Oasis Launches Season 2, Looks Back On Season 1

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a new state of the game post on Steam, Last Oasis looks back on Season 1 of the Nomadic Survival MMO, as it also launches Season 2.

The post details some of the major things the Donkey Crew team learned in Season 1 and outlines changes and fixes they are planning to roll out to help improve the lives of Nomads everywhere. Some of the major issues the community detailed are addressed, notably the fact that small groups and solo players were not really given the tools to succeed.

Last Oasis relied way too much on its inherent mechanics to give players a safety net, without giving players the proper means to make themselves safe. And many of those didn’t work out. For Season 2, a lot of content was added to bridge that gap, while also shifting more towards a base-driven gameplay that gives everyone a safe spot to rest.

Season 2 will also see changes to the grindy aspects of Last Oasis, giving players more resources and making the hulking Walkers that are the iconic focal point of the survival experience quicker to build. Additionally the team is promising to make things easier on solo players at end game, especially the tablets which are required for those high-end skill unlocks. 

Coming with Season 2, the Last Oasis team is promising improved trading, commerce and more to help solo and small groups succeed, as well as putting a hard cap on clans at 50 members, explaining the move as a way to stop clans from needing to "endlessly merge."

Our goal with the clan cap is to stop the need to endlessly merge. Over time, more and more clans merged together because the exponential gains of doing so were just immense. We think that this change allows for a more diverse clan ecosystem, and more fair fights. We are, of course, aware that large clans can still split into sister clans, but it comes with an additional organisational overhead, and shared access to resources is very limited. Season 2 will help us in gathering more data and feedback to see where we take it from here. To all the clans screaming “bloody murder”, we love you and appreciate your feedback, but we will stick to it for Season 2 because we want to see the impact for ourselves before changing it again.

You can check out the full changelog on the official Steam page for Last Oasis here.


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