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Last Oasis Holding a Season 5 Public Beta Test on July 5th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Last Oasis will be starting its next beta on July 5th. This Season 5 beta branch will be publicly accessible through Steam and look to stress test the systems and let the team gather data and feedback on the early game experience, server performance, and any issues that might arise. 

This public beta will let interested players access the first two available maps and measure performance and other potential bugs or issues, potential for crashes, and collect  the usual round of beta feedback. Since there’s already ongoing internal playtesting, this is a chance for testing to move to a group that involves more of the public rather than the consistent groups of developers and staging testers they already have. 

According to the developers, with the new season coming,

“With so many changes comes a pretty big possibility of many of them ruining what we expect to be a pretty good impression of this update and what’s to come, so getting those out of the way early is what this internal testing has been for. Many of the new features and changed mechanics need a much larger amount of players for us to get proper feedback on how they add to the game, what kind of tweaks we need to make, etc.”

With how the team has been working its way towards the new season, it may be no real surprise that they’re looking to establish a development style process that “will shift toward a much more fitting Early Access style of development, something which we are fully committed to”. 

For now, though, if you want to see some of what’s to come in the next season and test out the servers and the two available maps, you’ll be able to look for the beta tab in Steam and be able to join the test on July 5th. For more, see the update from the Last Oasis Steam page.


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