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Last Oasis Hits Early Access March 26th

Survival MMO Comes To Steam Later This Month

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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The nomadic MMO survival game from Donkey Crew, Last Oasis, has an early access release date. Announced via a post on Steam this morning, the MMO will be coming to Early Access at the end of the month - March 26th to be exact.

In the post on Steam today, the team at Donkey Crew released the information about the next stage in the development of Last Oasis, citing the desire to get it to the point to make it the go-to survival MMO for fans everywhere.

While testers helped us to polish the most important aspects of our game, there is so much more we want to add to make Last Oasis the Survival MMO everybody would like to play, and we will be sharing more details with you soon - rest assured, we are focused on delivering content updates that will keep you interested and playing for long hours!

The team details that new biomes, PvE and PvP content and more will be coming with this version of the game, and that this simply marks Last Oasis' next stage in its development. While no pricing info has been released about this move, it stands to reason that we'll likely see more details trickle out from the developer as we get closer to the March 26th release.

Check out the trailer below.


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