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Last Oasis Devs Confirm They're Still Working on VOIP

No patch needed to enable it

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As part of the latest patch notes, the Last Oasis team want you to know that they are still working on VOIP.

They note that they’ll let you know once it’s ready. Additionally, it won’t require a patch to be enabled. But for now, this most recent patch brings about a host of improvements and fixes to Last Oasis touching on gameplay, structures, bases, walkers, travel, oases, points of interest, mobs, sound, interface, text, and some more general fixes.

These broader fixes include:

  • Fixed crashes related to packing close to a Proxy Walker.
  • Fixed obsidian related crashes.
  • More network optimizations for Walkers.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in kick action.
  • Further optimization for Rupu Slings and Walker Climbers.
  • Optimized meshes for Scattershot Gun.

In case you missed, the team teased in December what they have planned for this year. You can read a recap of their 2020, in addition to their 2021 plans, right here.


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