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Last Oasis Cleans Up Rarity Some More, Promises Sleeping Dogs Next Week and Looks Towards More S5 Work

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Last Oasis has gotten an update that cleans up the Rarity update, and makes additional changes. The game is still finding its footing after being revamped completely.

The Rarity update hit in mid September, and was almost immediately followed by a hotfix days later to address some major crashes and other issues brought by the update. However, the update created so many issues that the team reassessed and promised there would be additional fixes and course corrections to clean up the issues from that update.

The most recent patch, out today, is now live. They are still committed to releasing Sleeping Giants in both PVP and PVE variants next week, along with Sleeping Giants Rarity tiles. Other content is an improved map and several new challenges, along with new Rewards end additional changes. Today's patch though, is about fixes and cleanup.

One of the changes from the Rarity update was a big change to siege weapons, adding specific uses to each weapon and ammo type in order to balance out and adjust PVE, with their hopes that it would also make some changes and boost PVP as well. 

However, scattershot was too powerful, and there were a number of bugs that would need fixing.  Scattershot got a nerf in today’s patch, which they believe should increase walker fight times and help PVP,  but this is more or less a Band-Aid fix for now.

After Sleeping Giants is released next week, they promise a series of special devblogs  to walk the community through their plans for improving gameplay, including schematics and PVP. In addition, they want the community to weigh in on these design principles as well as what they want to see as Season 5 undergoes additional changes.

For the full details of today’s patch, read the release notes at the Last Oasis Steam page.


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