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Last Oasis - After the Overhaul, What's Next? Donkey Crew Provides an Update

Steven Weber Posted:
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Now that the Season 5 update has gone live, which introduced a major overhaul to a large number of the games’ features, what is next for Last Oasis? Donkey Crew has taken to their Steam page to let players know that there is definitely more to come.

The team behind Last Oasis has been hard at work turning the game around. After stating simply that they know their game “sucks” Donkey Crew has moved forward with changes that they believe will bring new players into the game, and make the overall experience better. You can read more about our experience with the Season 5 changes in our in-depth impressions. Now the team is looking forward to their next set of changes.

Players can expect a new map to be headed their way called the Sleeping Giants. New content, including new types of Rupu (a hostile creature) that will provide support to their fellow attackers. Sleeping Giants will be rife with new experiences, and the team believe it will be even better after the inundation of feedback they’ve received from players since the overhaul went live. They have also implemented some changes to traveling, by making it more streamlined by adding more tunnels and increasing the time they stay open to 12 hours instead of 15 minutes. They’ve also fixed some bugs and provided changes to Base Maintenance which they’ve said players continue to struggle with.

While the game still seems like it has a long way to go to really deliver on what players are looking for, there is some encouraging news. SteamDB has shown a modest uptick to about 6K players during last week’s free weekend and they’ve retained a daily high of about 2500 which is a huge increase from the daily average of about 500 players last month. Hopefully Donkey Crew keeps this trajectory as they implement more of their sorely needed changes.


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