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Last Oasis Adds Poaching Hut in Latest Update

Plus other changes and fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Last Oasis has received a poaching hut in its latest update, plus more changes.

This is a placeable object and lets you take advantage harvesting bonuses from the surrounding area. In fact, you can check out the poaching hut in action below:

The update also brings changes and fixes to the trading station and merchants, in addition structures and bases. Walkers themselves received a few fixes including:

  • Fixed incorrect wing power comparison on Balang Walker.
  • Fixed Balang Walker level upgrades being tied to Dinghy Walker.
  • Fixed Hercul Walker level upgrades being tied to Buffalo Walker.
  • Increased effective weight of Balang Walker.
  • Fixed spawn points on Balang Walker after travel.
  • Fixed spawn points on Hornet Walker.

More general fixes and improvements include:

  • Fixed in-air climbing bug.
  • Improved readability of ammo contrails & hit clouds.
  • Improved ammo particles.
  • Fixed fast movement of Chalk Bomb visuals.
  • Major performance improvements for structures.


Poorna Shankar