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Last Oasis Adds Part 2 Of Volcanic Update, Maps Out Future 2020 Plans

Early Access Lasting For At Least Another Year

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In a blog post on the official Steam Community page, Last Oasis developer Donkey Crew detailed the second part of its Volcanic update, as well as answered some questions regarding the survival nomadic-MMO's future.

First things, the second part of June's Volcanic update has been released, giving nomads more tools to work with, such as a new hose station, lava fuel, gas masks and more. The post also goes into a bit of the artistic design surrounding the gas mask and the process that something like this typically goes through within the studio. 

However, Donkey Crew didn't stop there. The team shared their roadmap for Last Oasis in 2020, showcasing the many themes they are looking at releasing over the course of the next few months. While cautioning that this "isn't a definitive list of what is going to come," it gives some insight into what the developers are working on for the future. 

While the last updates centered on the Volcanic theme, Last Oasis according to the roadmap will see more themes hit in future updates, such as a Commerce theme centered around trade, while an Ancient theme brings traveling Nomads to forgotten ruins. 

Finally, the team took to its blog to post a pretty legnthy and detailed Q&A, answering some of the questions they see from the community. One response to note is that the team still sees Last Oasis being in Early Access into next year, and as such will still be working on improving and adding to the game. 

Considering we still plan on being in Early Access for at least a year from now, so we’ll definitely still be working on the game! We don’t want to give any hints at when full release will happen, but we absolutely plan on seeing it through to that and beyond.

Donkey Crew released a video to go along with the Q&A, which we've embedded below.


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