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Last Epoch Wants to Start 2021 with 'Significant Itemization' Changes

You Can Increase Stats Over Their Caps

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a short tweet by Last Epoch developer Eleventh Hour Games, the team posts a couple screenshots depicting some of the itemization changes players can expect in patch 0.8.1.

Eleventh Hour Games points to class-specific and unique abilities as the source of the new significant changes on the itemization front. These changed will raise modifiers on the maximum skill levels of several abilities, and will be available on a range of different item rarities.

They also responded to some questions about how the system works in relation to skill point allocation:

 Eleventh Hour Games recently reflected on 2020 and what players can expect in 2021. They’ve made some substantial strides with the addition of a new class, the Rogue.


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