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Last Epoch Updates Character Selection Screen in Patch 0.8.1

Patch release later this month

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Last Epoch is getting an upgrade to the character selection screen as part of patch 0.8.1.

The team notes in a forum post that your characters will soon show their currently equipped gear once you click on the character selection screen. There’s no hard release date for patch 0.8.1, but it’s scheduled to release sometime later this month.

The team notes that this change should make character selection way more convenient since you’ll be able to understand at a glance exactly which character you are selecting. They note to expect further improvements in this screen as they work to add 3D models for equipment. They also note that they want to update the look of the character selection screen as well in a later update.

These changes may be the first of the “significant itemization” changes for 2021 the team remarked on earlier. These are set to raise the max level of various skill, and item rarities.


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