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Last Epoch Update Brings Registration Workaround for Steam Users

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been playing Last Epoch, you might have run into some registration frustrations as a Steam player. Fortunately, the team have implemented a workaround for you in addition to some other tips to avoid potential issues.

The issue stems from trying to register for Last Epoch accounts in-game if you’re on Steam. To that end, the following workaround was implemented by the team to help alleviate the issue:

  • Implemented a workaround for Steam users who had recently purchased Last Epoch and have subsequently had difficulty registering Last Epoch accounts in-game.
    • If you were affected by this, please use the ‘create an account ?’ prompt beneath the log in fields to register a new account which will be linked to your Steam account.
      • If you continue to be affected, please try registering an account on our website, and then logging into the game using the account credentials for that account.

If you’re playing through Steam, be sure to let the team know if this workaround works for you. Recently, the team has been busy updating features and fixes for the game. Late last month, they improved the chat window and updated unique items.

The upcoming 0.8.2 update will introduce new boss fights into the game. The main aim of that update will be “raise the standard” of boss encounters. This means that some of these bosses feature new designs. However, they stopped short of sharing the exact designs as they were not ready at the time.


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