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Last Epoch Update Bringing Arena Improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Quality of life improvements and visual improvements are on deck for Last Epoch’s Arena in update 0.8.2 Read on for more details.

This upcoming patch, Patch 0.8.2, primarily focuses on the Monolith of Faith. The team notes that they are currently working on a developer blog specifically for this. While we don’t yet have a date for the publication of this blog, it’s only a matter of time.

While we wait, however, the team wanted to focus on Arena where zones with “significant differences” in verticality would hide area of effect abilities from specific enemies. As they note,

“We’ve removed a few zones from rotation, and also updated a number of others which could be problematic in this regard. For example, Woodland Arena will now be significantly flatter, and the Tundra Arena (now called Tower Arena) will also have less varied elevation.”

You can check out the full post here, along with various images and screenshots of some of the newer zones coming to Update 0.8.2. This upcoming update for Last Epoch is also meant to bring new boss fights for the game.

Earlier this year, a hotfix brought several improvements to the chat window and updated some unique items. And if you happened to experience the registration issue, a recent workaround should do the trick.

  • If you were affected by this, please use the ‘create an account ?’ prompt beneath the log in fields to register a new account which will be linked to your Steam account.
    • If you continue to be affected, please try registering an account on our website, and then logging into the game using the account credentials for that account.


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