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Last Epoch Patch 0.8.2 Brings Updates to Endgame and Monolith of Fate

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Patch notes for Last Epoch have dropped, outlined what’s all new in this latest beta patch. Changes and additions include updates to endgame in addition to Monolith of Fate.

In short, Monolith of Fate is almost totally overhauled with how you can progress through Timelines:

  • Opening a timeline in the Monolith of Fate now presents you with an interconnected web of islands. You start in the middle of the web, and uncover the branching paths by completing echoes. This gives you many more choices for what echo to conquer next.
  • Completing echoes grants you Timeline Stability. Reaching certain amounts of Timeline Stability unlocks the next Quest Echo for a timeline, which you can attempt at any time.
  • Each echo now also gives you a guaranteed reward after completing it, as long as you do so without dying. These rewards include experience, idols, uniques, and more.

In addition to new boss fights, the patch also outlines tweaks and improvements to arena, skills, skills balance, passives, items, uniques, mechanics, user interface, campaign, enemies, visuals, animation, sound, controller support, optimization, and bug fixes.

Bug fixes by themselves touch on acoloyte skills, mage skills, primality skills, rogue skills, sentinel skills, passives, levels, items, user interface, enemies, and more. Specifically, chat messages saw some small but appreciable fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where chat would automatically scroll to the most recent message while attempting to scroll up to previous messages.
  • Fixed chat messages moving backwards incorrectly when other messages fade out.
  • Fixed chat scrolling being inconsistent depending on where your mouse cursor was.
  • Using a colon “:” in chat no longer cuts off the rest of your chat message.

You can check out the full patch notes here. Elsewhere in Last Epoch news, the beta continues to receive several updates. One such update brought about additional improvements to the Arena.


Poorna Shankar