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Last Epoch is Ready to Introduce Legendary Weapons and the First End Game Dungeon December 10th

Steven Weber Posted:
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On December 10th Last Epoch will introduce their latest update deemed the Eternal Legends Update. In Patch 0.8.4, players will get the chance to play the new endgame dungeon, the Temporal Sanctum, where upon completion, they will be able to create their first Legendary item. That isn’t all that’s headed to the game in the patch, as players will have new skills, character models, items and a revamped crafting system in addition to a whole host of other changes.

Last Epoch has been making some fine progress throughout 2021. Back in September the team at Eleventh Hour Games brought their Sands of Majasa chapter to the game, that brought some new zones and modest improvements. Next week, Patch 0.8.4 will release, and with it will come a ton of new features, a druid rework, and the exciting inclusion of Legendary items. Here is a short list of what players can expect from the Eternal Legends Update:

  • Druid Rework
    • Werebear Overhaul
    • Spriggan Overhaul
    • Swarmblade Reveal
    • Entangling Roots
  • New Primalist Skill - Upheaval
  • New Sentinel Model
  • Spears - Polearms Rework
  • New Endgame Dungeon: Temporal Sanctum
  • Legendary Items & Eternity Cache
  • Revamped Crafting System
  • New Rogue Skill
  • New Mage and Acolyte Character Models
  • Overhauled Character Select Screen
  • New Unique Items
  • Bug Fixes and more

Legendary items will be one of the biggest changes to the game, and Eleventh Hour Games didn’t want players going into the new system without an extensive explanation. In a recent blog post, lead developer Michael Weicker provided in depth information related to how players can obtain Legendary items, which essentially are only available from unique items with a new property called Legendary Potential. Once players receive a Legendary Potential item they will then need an Exalted item of the same type, with 4 unsealed affixes, which will then need to be transformed into a legendary item through the Eternity Cache.

That may not sound so difficult, but the catch is that players can only access the Eternity Cache by completing the Temporal Sanctum dungeon. You can read much more on the Legendary item system in the official blog post. Last Epoch is currently in Early Access, and has been in development for more than 4 years. The team at Eleventh Hour Games intends to release Last Epoch in 2022.


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