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Last Epoch Hotfix Improves Chat Window, Updates Unique Items

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent hotfix patch for Last Epoch has brought about some improvements to the chat window, in addition to updating some unique items.

The chat window sees some bugs squashed where it would not show new messages you received in certain circumstances. Additionally, there was a bug wherein the Forge button in that crafting window was not usable. There was another bug where clicking the Cancel button when you had enabled Hardcore would results in the Hardcore tickbox to invert. All these bugs have been addressed and fixed.

Monolith of Fate also some bug fixes regarding Empowered versions and Empowerment Altar. Unique items saw several tweaks as well. For example, several items saw lore text added, including:

  • Bhuldar’s Wrath
  • Call of the Tundra
  • Faith of the Frozen
  • Gaspar’s Will
  • Gaspar’s Acuity
  • Gaspar’s Insight
  • Herkir’s Vessel
  • Horns of Uhkeiros
  • Logi’s Hunger
  • Reign of Winter

Some adjustments were brought to several uniques. For example, Coral Aegis saw improved lightning resistance, and an improvement to shock your attackers. These were improved to 30-43% and 300-430%, respectively.

Some other tweaks include:

  • Gaspar’s Acuity now also grants 35% to 45% lightning resistance.
  • Gaspar’s Insight now also grants 35% to 45% cold resistance.
  • Herkir’s Vessel grants 60% to 100% increased fire damage (from 30% to 60%).

Check out the full patch notes here.


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