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Last Epoch Beta Patch 0.8.1 Now Available - Changes to Affixes and Defenses Detailed

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a recent developer blog by Lead Developer Trasochi, Affixes, Defenses and Minions have changed in 0.8.1 which released last week. The changes will lead to more effective builds with items that are specific to the players desired focus.

The patch notes for 0.8.1 are now available on the official site, along with details that explain the changes affecting affixes. The first change has to do with segmenting defensive affixes from the rest, so that players don’t have to fear they’re sacrificing defense if they decide to choose offense or utility affixes. The theory for the changes were detailed as follows:

We have a few key goals to achieve with these changes. First, to partition off defensive affixes from other affixes in many slots so you can choose damage or utility affixes without worrying that you should be focusing on defenses instead. Second, to make Exalted items more consistently appealing, even if it doesn’t have your ideal combination of other mods. Third, to have more of your offensive power should stem from items, so that getting item upgrades feels more impactful and rewarding. And finally, to increase the build-specificity of items, so that the items you’re looking for are ones that are good for your build, not just generically good.

-Trasochi, Lead Developer, Last Epoch

A new Secondary Defense, Endurance will also find its way in the next patch, and Secondary Defenses are said to now be focused along thematic class lines where players will see noticeable changes, though Trasochi still states that players will still need to avoid telegraphed attacks. Each Secondary Defense has had changes made to them, and details of those changes will need to be read through at length in the blog, as there is just too much information to post here. Lastly, the restructuring of Minions so that they stay functional through end game is a goal the Last Epoch team states is highly important. Minions will become stronger as they level, and affixes for Minions have been consolidated in 0.8.1.

This is just some of what is in the latest patch, to learn more about the 0.8.1 update for Last Epoch check out the other features detailed in development blogs that were released earlier this year.


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