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Larian Studios Drops a Massive New Patch For Baldur's Gate 3

Casey Bell Posted:
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Larian Studios wasn't messing around when they said there was a lot coming with Baldur's Gate Patch #5. The latest update is a 30GB doozie packed with tons of fixes and features., so much so that simply calling it "Patch #5" feels like a disservice to how massive the update really is.

By far the most significant addition in the update is a new post-game epilogue that takes place six months after the events of the campaign. The epilogue offers players a chance to say goodbye to their companions and Larian's written 3,589 new lines of dialogue just for the epilogue to account for all the different decisions players have made throughout the course of the game. 

Not one, but two new modes have also been added to the game in patch #5. Custom Mode does what it says on the tin and allows players to customize their game experience to their liking. Using Custom Mode players can allow short rests to fully heal the party, hide enemy HP in combat, disable death saving throws, and tons more.

The second new game mode, Honour Mode, is essentially the game's version of hardcore mode. No save scumming and over 30 tweaks to the game's boss fights, including a new Legendary Action system that will make said fights even more challenging. Once you die your Honour Mode run is over and the game will revert to any of the game's original difficulty options and present you statistics about your run. Players who manage to finish the game on Honour Mode will unlock Golden D20 dice to use in-game.

We're just scratching the surface on patch #5 here. If you want to take a deeper dive, read the patch notes over on the official Baldur's Gate 3 website.


Casey Bell