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Larian Studios Community Update #2 Touches on Baldur’s Gate 3 Road to Early Access

Hosting a Reddit AMA March 12

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new community update from Larian Studios touches on Baldur’s Gate 3’s road to Early Access and more.

The post begins by recapping their PAX East event,

“Hundreds of thousands of you gathered online which - we’re told in confidence - broke some records. Thousands of you each waited three hours to gather with us at our PAX East booth, to see what would have happened if the dice rolls weren’t against us. It has been humbling and exciting to gather together as we start this new journey, venturing forth, going the way of the dice.”

The team says that what we’ll play has apparently been in planning for more than four years now, with significant work done on the Divinity engine,

“We’ve built an engine that allows all 250 people at Larian collaborate to become the ultimate DM. Allowing for near-limitless reactivity, responsiveness, and a memory that never forgets who you are, or what you’ve done. No matter who you roll, dice-rolls, modifyers, and physical simulation have all been designed to simulate a D&D experience that feels as though it’s straight from the imagination, where no matter the dice roll the story will continue.”

The team then discusses that Baldur’s Gate 3 will be a mature game and end by saying they’re hosting a Reddit AMA on March 12 where Swen (Creative Director), David (Producer), Adam (Senior Writer), Nick (Lead Systems Designer), and Jiji (Writing Director) will field questions.

Be sure to check out our preview of Baldur’s Gate 3 here.


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