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Kvaris, The New Major Region of Snow and Ice Arrives June 8th in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

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Sega has lifted the lid a little bit on the upcoming region of Kvaris and more coming to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis  in the Frozen Resolution update. On June 8th, get ready for a higher level cap, snowboarding in the new region, new gathering items, new skills, weapons, and more goodies that come with a completely new region.

The level cap will be going up to 60 with this update. This comes along with all of the new content in the region as well as new skills, new 6-star Rarity weapons, new augments, And of course new quests, Chapter 3 of the story, and your base, Kvaris Camp. There, you’ll encounter new characters, Meri and Kukka, each with their own stories and motivations. Kvaris was once the site of the capital, so the differences and destruction still have a hold on everything in the area. You'll also find new unique characters, new tasks, and robots that welcome you to the shop. 

With a new major update like this, of course there are new enemies. Expect new regionally-themed monsters all over, but pay particular attention to Rayjord Gorge, a new Exploration sector that has new enemies and features low temperature damage. You'll have to beef up your low temperature damage resistance in order to survive in the frozen environment.

There’s a new Urgent Quest, Crocodylis Vera Suppression Op. You'll have to do this on a floating board where you effectively snowboard down to the spawn point and the new boss enemy. 

With the new update, Kvaris gets new Battledia: yellow and purple. Aelio and Retem also get some additional Battledia, yellow. When it comes to EXP, descaling will be gone from all of the yellow Battledia. There are also some long-awaited practical features like  a party finder, and the ability to sell enemy drops and to bulk receive your Mission Pass rewards.

For more, head over to Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, and watch the NGS Headline for the update details in action.


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