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Kuva Lich Improvements Arrive in Warframe

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Improvements are a’comin’ to the Kuva Lich in Warframe.

A fight or flight mechanic has been added, in which a downed Kuva Larvling will show off a preview of the weapon its Kuva Lich will have. Sparing the Larvling will net you 100 Kuva once you complete your mission.

Perhaps offering some relief, if you fail a Parazon Requiem attempt, you’ll no longer immediately die. Now, if you guess wrong, your Lich will just be sent along. Weapons have seen changes as well:

  • KUVA BRAMMA This Grineer bow delivers vengeance in the form of cluster bomb-tipped arrows that can be detonated mid-air or on impact.
  • KUVA HIND This powerful Grineer burst rifle has been retrofitted to add semi-automatic and automatic fire modes.
  • KUVA NUKOR A highly-optimized Nukor that allows for the weapon’s microwave field to hit up to four additional targets.

Four new augment mods are introduced as well:

  • Garuda - Blood Forge (Bloodletting) Garuda’s equipped weapon is reloaded up to 100%.
  • Hildryn - Balefire Surge (Balefire) Fully charged direct hits restore 250 Shields to Hildryn. Impact with Nullifier Shields will destroy them and restore 750 Shield.
  • Baruuk - Endless Lullaby (Lull) Performing a finisher on a sleeping enemy will retrigger Lull for 100% of the remaining duration. Passive: +50% Lull Duration.
  • Baruuk - Reactive Storm (Serene Storm) Desert Wind is granted +35% Status Chance and changes its damage type to match enemy weaknesses.

Updates for console include:

  • Jotunheim Syandana by Mz-3
  • Ivara Kuvael Huntress Skin by Erneix
  • Loki Jotunheim Skin by Mz-3
  • Saryn Ion Skin by Yatus*
  • Frost Hisame Skin by Malaya and AMO_017
  • Jotunheim Oculus by Mz-3

(*Please note: it is the designer’s intention for this Skin to not have an accent channel tint.)


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