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Kuva Lich Improvements, Armor Scaling, and More Discussed in Warframe Dev Stream

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A massive dev stream from the Warframe team outlined several changes and improvements coming to the game.

Perhaps most interestingly for players, Kuva Liches will see a new iteration. The changes are based on player feedback, with key changes including:

  • Removing forced failures system
  • Softening the blow of the RNG hunt. Both in allowing you to Banish a Lich, but also using an undesired Kuva Weapon to receive a “bait” that will guarantee you a specific Weapon.
  • Thrall farming needs a little bit extra goodness.

A new Warframe is also coming out later this, dubbed Odalisk. She’ll be tech-focused, with several abilities. Her first ability will include throwing three grenades. She’ll also be able to drop a Big Fracking Gun in front of you, which seems nice. Her passive includes a 100% extra power strength for every fourth ability.

Armor scaling was also addressed, with the following preliminary armor values shared as an example:

  • Lvl 100 Bombard: Starting at 7300, lowered to 5800
  • Lvl 150 Lancer: Starting at 3200, lowered to 1400

Check out the stream below and read the whole massive update and view some awesome concept art here.


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